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Created by Scott Galloway, NYU Stern School of Business professor of marketing, and a team of experts, the Digital IQ Index scores 109 luxury brands in 11 categories including fashion, beauty and skincare, watches, and automobiles.

The study, the first and largest of its kind, measures brands on the effectiveness of their digital competence based on criteria including search engine optimization, brand translation, ability to leverage technology, and use of social media.

“2009 represented a tipping point concerning the importance of digital competence in the luxury industry,” says Scott Galloway. “While the industry grappled with double-digit revenue declines, traffic to luxury brand sites increased an average of 61 percent. With this study, we’ve devised a metric these companies can use to benchmark specific features of their digital competence against their competitors, and highlight which area each firm stands to gain the greatest return on incremental investment in digital.”

How well does your brand measure up?



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