LuxuryLab Daily Digest

Posted by Lauren Proctor on October 7, 2009

Magazine Publishers Plan Digital Store (Financial Times)
Time Inc is leading an industry-wide joint venture to create a digital store for magazines as a way for publishers to avoid surrendering their digital future to the likes of or Apple.

Neiman Marcus Gifts Go Luxury Lite (The Globe and Mail)
Neiman Marcus, whose holiday gift catalogue is a hallmark of opulence, unveiled a “lite” version for 2009 Tuesday, offering an Icon sports plane for a mere $250,000 (U.S.), a $105,000 Jaguar car and a $25,000 cupcake-shaped car.

Inconspicuous Consumption (The New Yorker)
For all the uncertainty about the current state of the economy, everyone is sure of one thing: this recession has permanently remade American consumers, turning them from spendthrifts into tightwads.

McQueen: Leaping Lizards (New York Times)
On my way out of the extraordinary Alexander McQueen show tonight at the Bercy sports complex—streamed live onto the Internet by—I stopped in the control room to ask Nick Knight, the director, how he thought things had gone.


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