LuxuryLab Daily Digest

Posted by Lauren Proctor on September 27, 2009

India: The Epicentre for Western Luxury Brands (The Economist)
Consider the latest catwalk collections at the most recently concluded Indian fashion weeks. Notice anything different?

Business Drying Up for Luxury Phone Makers (Wired)
Got a few grand to spare for a $3,000 phone? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Nobody does — and that’s a problem for the makers of luxury phones, such as Motorola, Bang & Olufsen, LG and Vertu.

China Luxury Market Revenue Expected to Break $5 Billion (Alibaba)
According to a recent report released by Goldman Sachs, the sales revenue of China’s luxury market is expected to break $5 billion this year, enjoying the largest growth pace compared to other parts of the world.


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