LuxuryLab Daily Digest

Posted by Lauren Proctor on September 24, 2009

E-Commerce Is Getting Chinese to Loosen Their Purse Strings (New York Times)
For all the talk that the Chinese are spending too little, business is booming for the country’s online retailers, heralding the emergence of young, affluent consumers who will reshape the global economy over the next decade.

The Rich Expect to Get Richer Next Year (Wealth Bulletin)
Nearly 80% of the world’s wealthy expect to grow their wealth in 2010, according to new research revealing remarkable confidence among the world’s wealthy.

Halogen Paves The Way for Ivanka to be Queen of Brand Tweet (Halogen Network)
Ivanka Trump’s followers have doubled since the Digital IQ Index mentioned Trump Hotels (tweeting as @ivankatrump) as a “luxe expemplar.”

Luxury Retailers See Rents Drop Globally (CBS News)
The average price to rent space in some of the world’s most exclusive shopping districts dropped by the largest amount on record last year, a global survey has found.

CEO of Richemont’s Lange & Soehne Steps Down (Reuters)
The head of watchmaker Lange & Soehne, part of Swiss-based luxury goods group Richemont (CFR.VX), has stepped down due to differences of opinion over strategy, the German watch brand said.


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