LuxuryLab Daily Digest | Fed Make Profit, All at Sea, The World’s Best Paid Cities

Posted by Lauren Proctor on August 31, 2009

Fed Makes $14bn Profit on Crisis Loans (Financial Times)
The Federal Reserve has made a $14bn profit on loan programmes that provided hundreds of billions of dollars in liquidity to the financial system since the start of the crisis two years ago, according to Fed officials.

More Male Models (Styleist)
Out with “ugly, skinny” model boys. In with sculpted and chiseled men!  More and more, male models are acting as the backdrop for fashion campaigns starring female models such as Kate Moss, and lucky for us, this new breed of male mannequin is of the muscular Greek statue variety, reports WWD.

All at Sea (Financial Times)
Roger Horner, founder of the yacht electronics company e³, began to notice an unfamiliar trend in the superyacht market this past winter after a heady decade of expansion: customers were calling his Mallorca headquarters to see whether they could cancel or cut back their orders.

The World’s Best-Paid Cities (Forbes)
Residents of Swiss financial center Zurich know that their country has more to offer than world-class chocolate and precision watches. They can now brag that, on the whole, they earn more than anyone in the world. Zurich-dwellers rake in $22.60 per hour in average net pay, according to a wage survey released August 19. The runner-up city is less than 200 miles southwest: Geneva, where jobs pay $20.40 per hour.


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