Art, Commerce, Anna Wintour and “The September Issue”

Posted by Lauren Proctor on August 29, 2009

When filmmaker R.J. Cutler first met Grace Coddington, the striking, red-haired former London hippie who is now the creative director of Vogue magazine, Coddington told Cutler to go away. But as a leading practitioner of the documentary technique known as cinéma-vérité, which involves direct observation and no narration, and strives to keep the filmmaker behind the camera, Cutler didn’t go away. He just hung around and hung around — he had permission from Vogue’s legendary editor, Anna Wintour, to document the process of creating the magazine’s September 2007 issue, a fashion-industry bible — and finally Coddington got used to him. If anything, she’s the central figure in Cutler’s remarkable film “The September Issue” or at least a central countervailing force to the inscrutable, seemingly capricious and notoriously hard-to-please Wintour. (Salon)


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