Luxury Lab Daily Digest | Luxury Firms Push ‘Eco-Posh’, The Recession Impression, The Science of Google Wave, Lincoln Seeks Perception Change

Posted by Lauren Proctor on August 27, 2009

Luxury Firms Push ‘Eco Posh’ (Christian Science Monitor)
Handbag-makers to hotels are luring a new kind of luxury consumer.  Somewhere in an Amazonian rainforest, an indigenous person is tapping a rubber tree. Two small cuts extract its latex. The tree is left untouched for two years so it can fully heal, while the rubber, once refined, is sent to Italy. There, a craftsman fashions it into a handbag, lines it with recycled Italian cotton shirting fabrics or canvas salvaged from Swedish and Italian Army fatigues, then outfits it with nickel-free hardware.

The Recession Impression (Marketing Daily)
On Monday, Sept. 15, 2008, Lehman Brothers imploded, the world tilted and all the Fiji artesian water came tumbling off the table, crashing along with the stock market.  Suddenly the conspicuous consumer became the conspicuous coupon clipper.

The science of Google Wave: How an Online Application Could Change Research Communication (Nature)
Web-savvy scientists gathered at the Science Online London conference in London on 22 August to explore how the Internet is changing the communication, practice and culture of science. Biochemist Cameron Neylon, of the University of Southampton, UK, was one of a few scientists at the conference who have been given pre-release access to Google Wave — an online collaboration and communication tool announced with great fanfare on 27 May. Naturespoke to Neylon about how Google Wave could transform the way that scientists work.

Seeking Perception Change, Lincoln Cites Technology (Media Post)
Lincoln, Ford Motor’s luxury division, has spent the last three years evolving both the brand and what people think of it, from a maker of big cars and bigger SUVs to a space-age luxury brand — and one that deserves to be on shopping lists with Lexus, BMW, Cadillac and Mercedes.


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