LuxuryLab Daily Digest | Social Responsibility Bad News For Auto Margins, New York Seeks to Consolidate Its Garment District, Market Has Likely Topped

Posted by Lauren Proctor on August 26, 2009

How Much Time Do People Really Spend With Ads (eMarketer)
“Clicks don’t give the full picture.  Marketers are used to low click-through rates—but they also know the click isn’t the only way users engage with advertising. Other metrics are needed to measure the full range of interaction that might take place with online advertising.”

Social Responsibility Bad News For Auto Margins (Business Insider)
“Automakers are cutting back production and design of opulent luxury cars, not just for the near-term, but with an eye towards the longer-term as well. It’s more evidence that conspicuous consumption is no longer fashionable. Even Cadillac will be rolling out a compact car.”

New York Seeks To Consolidate Its Garment District (New York Times)
“New York’s garment center, once the heart of an industry that employed hundreds of thousands of workers and produced most of the clothing in the United States, is in danger of extinction.”

Kass: Market Has Likely Topped (The Street)
“Back in early March, there were signs of a second derivative U.S. economic recovery, the PMI in China had recorded two consecutive months of advances, domestic retail sales had stabilized, housing affordability was hitting multi-decade highs (with the cost of home ownership vs. renting returning back to 2000 levels), valuations were stretched to the downside and sentiment was negative to the extreme. These factors were ignored, however, and the S&P 500 sank to below 700.”


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